The photo collages in this portfolio were created in response to an interplay between my inner life and outer reality. They attempt to bridge this gap with visual narratives that include symbolic gestures and juxtapositions, creating work in the contemporary surrealism genre.

Art-making loops meaning. By forming a composite of images within and manifesting in a holistic way the unity of the idea, what is created is often in direct relationship to and a reflection of one’s wordless reality. Photography is both agile and descriptive so lends itself as a suitable medium for this endeavor.

Human vision simplifies the chaotic array of lifes details. This work treats all surface images with the same importance, which generates a purposeful layering of chaos and clarity. Time is an underlying element. It’s taken out of the normal realm of experience by having images of past, present and imagined future seamlessly commingle in the same visual space.

I’ve taken all the photographs used in these collages. While most contemporary photo collage work is done on the computer, I assemble pieces by hand. The physicality of this method is closely connected with the history of collage ­making. The cutting, pasting, and assembly creates a rough, engaging surface. As a final step, I bow to the benefits of technology by digitizing the collage and printing it on rag paper, using pigmented inks. This helps to unify the differing surfaces and textures, creating an archival, luxurious, and repeatable print.

My background: visual artist, photographer, art educator, tap dancer, and choreographer. These careers have crisscrossed over the span of more than 4 decades, informing and enlivening the directions taken. Added to this, throughout all the years, is a deep and abiding love of music.